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Article appearing December 19, 2007.


A few things you didn't know about hair replacement:

- Contrary to what the TV commercials say, guys with hair replacements don't want to look super-sexy. "They want to look normal," says Graci. "They don't want it to be noticed.

- A good replacement can be washed and styled just like your own hair. But it'll wear out eventually. "It's made from real hair," he says. "But this hair doesn't keep growing."

- To fit a client he takes a mould of their bald patch. When the hairpiece arrives, it's as long as an old-time Beatles wig. "I put it on them and cut and style it to suit them, just as you'd give someone a haircut."

- Some clients have moved to other countries. But they still get their replacements from Graci. "I keep their mould and then I have a fake head that I can do the styling on. My hair goes all over the world."

- Much of the hair used in hairpieces comes from India. Not from Keith Miller's floor.

- The worst thing a hair-replacement specialist can do? "Give a client a new hairpiece that's different enough from the old one that people say, "Did you do something with your hair?" Chances are that next time he'll go to someone else.

- The nicest thing you can say to someone you notice has had a hair replacement? "Nothing at all," says Graci.

- by Bill Taylor

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